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Animation Mouse: A Blog About Animation

For a while and to this day, I have been passionate about the art of animation. The medium fascinates me because I believe it is amazing for a person to have the skill to make the illusion of something they created to move around like it were alive. Many stories have been told, many ideas have been expressed, and many messages have been conveyed through animation. With the Animation Mouse blog, I plan to share my thoughts on many of the animated projects I think are worthy of checking out.

I hope you all enjoy and keep up with my blog posts. You may be enlightened by a unique work of animation you never have seen before.

If you are a Scout and have not earned your Animation merit badge, be sure to check out the resource page to help you get started.

Leeds Industrial Museum zoetrope 7125” by Clem Rutter is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

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